Monday, October 15, 2007

Environmental magick

It's Blog Action Day, Monday 15th October 2007 (my time), when bloggers all around the world – 14,000 or so, last I heard – are posting about the environment. What has that to do with my tour of Texas last year? Well, it wasn't only poetry that happened on that trip.
At Kerrville in particular, I felt a strong, mystical connection with the land itself. At home I have a conscious connection with nature spirits – those beings often called faeries – who are definitely not merely imaginary! In various ways my husband Andrew and I have worked with them for years. Some of this is recounted in our blog The Truth About Fairies.
My guest room at Anne and Harry's place (see previous post) had a balcony overlooking their back garden and a section of untended bush around the side of the house. I would sometimes sit out there alone and write or meditate, or simply enjoy the view.

I was surprised to notice that the nature spirits there made their presence known to me, showing themselves to my inner vision and communicating telepathically, not in words so much as feelings and the particular flavour of their energy. I realised I'd had some sort of unconscious expectation that only the nature spirits associated with my home locality would connect with me, not those in a place which I was only briefly visiting. I tuned in and asked why, and they told me that (a) it was an acknowledgment of all the work I had done in cooperation with nature spirits in Australia and (b) the world is all one, it is only we humans who see different parts of it as separate; the nature spirits all over the world are connected and in communication with each other.

It was a joy to be greeted by these special beings, who were indeed associated with that place in Kerrville. And it didn't stop there. They began imparting wisdom and insights. Some of the people I met in Kerrville, knowing that I also work as a psychic reader, consulted me in that capacity. I didn't cart my huge crystal ball overseas with me, but I did take a special crystal which is attuned to it, and I took my Voyager™ Tarot. For these readings, which took place on "my" balcony, I was also aware of the local nature spirits speaking to me, and through me. They were very special readings indeed! It's not an overstatement to say they had a sacred quality. Not only that, but certain Native American spirits also communicated with me – not nature spirits, but the spirits of people long dead. In one reading, I received information for my client concerning a Native American tribal leader I had no knowledge of. I described his face, and other details which made her think it must be a historically famous person of whom there was a local statue. A few days later she took me to see it. There were statues of other, less famous men there too, and I recognised one of them as the man I had seen in my vision.

"Why me?" I kept wondering. I gradually got in touch with a long ago past life when I was intimately connected with that land. I saw myself planting crops there. I understood that I was planting blue corn – a thing I didn't even know existed until I started sharing these visions with friends. To me the notion of blue corn seemed preposterous, but apparently it is commonplace in America. So I guess it was a kind of homecoming for me!

I also connected with witches in Texas, being one myself. Witchcraft is very much about care for the environment. We revere all life – theoretically at least. I guess it depends what you think is alive. At one ritual event I participated in (after I left Kerrville) I became excited to perceive that a nature spirit had entered into a small rock. I pointed this out to a man with whom I was setting up the ritual space, explaining that we should place this rock in the circle. He didn't get it. He made some remark about it looking a bit like a gnome, and humoured me about including it, but he obviously thought it was just a rock. (Though as to that "just", even rocks are themselves sentient beings ... in my understanding.) After the ritual, when we were dismantling the circle, I wasn't quick enough to stop this same man from kicking that rock carelessly aside. I was shocked at his disrespect, but he only shrugged. A little while later, he went to retrieve his thongs (I think they're called flip-flops in America) after doing the ritual barefoot. He was puzzled to find one had vanished inexplicably and didn't turn up no matter how we hunted.

Next thing, he exclaimed that he'd lost his pentacle, which he'd been using to try and pendulum the whereabouts of his footwear. This was more serious! The ground was fairly bare and the pentacle, though small, was shiny silver, yet no-one could see it anywhere. At this point I went aside and spoke telepathically to the local nature spirits, saying, "Hey guys, his shoe is one thing, but his pentacle is his sacred tool. That's not fair; he really needs it." Suddenly he said, "Here it is!" looking down at his feet – and there it was, to be sure, yet we hadn't seen it there a minute before.

Often even the most spiritually conscious people simply don't take into account the nature spirits who inhabit our world alongside us. Perhaps it's because most believe – as I did for many years – that such beings aren't real. I have learned a lot about them in the course of my psychic work over the years. I have learned that they have a role in looking after our earth and all its life forms. But now that the environment has suffered so much at human hands, they are retreating to what few areas of wilderness they can still find.

A remarkable woman called Machaelle Small Wright, who works closely with Nature on her property at Perelandra, has passed on, in her Garden Workbook, their request that we create sanctuaries for them if possible.

She suggests we find a suitable area, preferably near our garden (but it could be the top of a cupboard if that's all you've got) and rope it off or mark the boundary some way, then invite the nature spirits in. If you know how to test with pendulum or kinesiology, you can ask if they accept; or you can request a sign. [Wright gives detailed instructions and drawings in several of her books, to show you how to do kinesiology testing with your fingers. Not having that facility here, the pendulum and asking for a sign are my own suggestions, which also work.] This sanctuary should be a place where you guarantee no humans will physically intrude (though animals are fine). So if it's on your land, you'll have to let the weeds grow! If ever you need to dismantle the sanctuary, e.g. if moving house, please let the nature spirits know beforehand when this will take place, and perhaps invite them in advance to join you again when you get a new one set up.

You can use this sanctuary to build your relationship with Nature. Knowing the spirits are there, you can focus in your mind on that area when you wish to communicate with them, or even stand or sit near it. It's important for us to work in cooperation with the forces of Nature, for our own sakes and that of other life forms and the planet itself. There are many ways of doing so, and of caring for our environment. A conscious cooperation with the nature spirits is an often overlooked way which is remarkably easy to implement.

The pictures in this post are of Anne and Harry's back yard in Kerrville,
and the beautiful back gate of their magickal property.

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