Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jacob's Well

Ah, I did mean to finish this record of my visit to Texas while it was still only two years ago! Life gallops on apace; see my SnakyPoet blog. But, to resume ...

Back in Austin, after Anne kindly drove me all the way 'home' again to Neil and Dorsey's, I spent most of the afternoon of Saturday April 15th catching Wendy up with the details of Reiki I, hand positions and things like that which are difficult to teach 'in absence'. I had attuned her and Thom 'in absence' while I was still in Australia. Like many people, they were content to have only Reiki I, which gives the ability for basic hands-on treatments. 'Your medicine kit in your hands,' my Reiki Master used to say.

In the late afternoon Wendy left and I began teaching Dorsey Reiki II, the technique for healing in absence. Neil joined us part of the time, as my assistant and also to refresh his own Reiki II skills, as it was a long time ago that he learnt – about the same time I did, from the same teacher!

Then came Sunday, a fun day. Here's my email to Andrew:

'Well, today turned out to be a play day! Patricia Fiske phoned this morning to invite me to brunch. She said there was also a party up at Jacob's Well that she wanted to take me to. Dorsey said it would be good for her to shift the Reiki II lessons to tomorrow, so off we went. Neil came to brunch, and Thom was awaiting us there too, at Maria's Taco Express, a funky joint which the locals love. They also all love Maria, a feisty Argentinian who alas was not there today.

'Thom brought me Texas boots – slightly too large but I wouldn't want them to be much smaller, and I can wear thicker socks with them.

'Patricia is 79, a lady full of laughter. We were sitting under trees. She was wearing a long white summer dress with open neck and low back. A young man from the table behind us said to her, "There's a leaf falling down your dress," and proceeded to reach down the back neckline to retrieve it. She leaned back in her chair and said, in those caressing Southern tones I have mentioned people having, "Darlin', you just reach as far as you like." How I envied her aplomb! Turned out he was a massage therapist, so she and I both got a great free shoulder rub in response to her flirtatiousness.

'She says she thinks elderly women – who are considered past all that – should try to re-educate people. She mentioned a young man friend of hers whom she finds very attractive, who has no such notions about her and wants to talk to her about his girlfriend. "You should have seen what latched on to me after Celebration Circle," I said, describing a gorgeous young man who did exactly that. "Put his arms around me and told me he loved me – but it was my wisdom he wanted." She said that in circumstances like that, she usually says (and you must imagine this very drawled and sexy, with a hint of laughter), "Watch it darlin', I've got a very short fuse." I'm taking lessons!

Jacob's Well is a way out of town, a natural watering hole set in paddocks and a bit of woodland. The property is available for hire, and this weekend it was hired by Body Choir, to celebrate one member's birthday. Patricia is in the choir, though hasn't been often lately because of knee trouble.There must have been about 150 people there. It's a dance group, and they work with Gabrielle Roth's rhythms. They were essentially hippies, though maybe weekend hippies. Patricia explained that some are really well off, others living in trailers – and it just doesn't matter. Many were in the medical professions, others artists of various kinds. They clearly love dancing. And there was lots of music happening spontaneously all over the place – guitars, drums, singing.

'I had a look at the well – deep and beautiful water in rock walls, with a surrounding creek – but didn't do the tricky climb down for a swim. We talked to interesting, welcoming people, drank wine, feasted, and participated in something called Interplay which was improvisation with movement, sounds, words and stories. Great stuff! I entered into it wholeheartedly and had a real ball. Also, I have been wishing to be able to do improv, so here was the Universe granting my request yet again.

'We tore ourselves away after dinner. Most people were camping overnight – and the owner of the property, David Bear, an old friend of Patricia's, would have given us free rooms in his house – but we both have commitments here [Austin] tomorrow. Went back to Patricia's a while and had a wine by the pool with her neighbour Kate and Kate's boyfriend Noel. Kate has made her home, at the back of Patricia's, available to me and another visiting poet, Agnes Meadows [from England]. I have an embarrassmdent of riches in places to stay, and chauffeurs for the Festival. I am staying at Austin Motel for the Festival nights: Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Anne Schneider, my hostess in Kerrville, will get me to some of my gigs; Patricia to others. Then back to Kate's for the few days between Festival and Lamesa.

'I may not have much access to computer/email after I leave here. But I want to go over there, and to find time to give Patricia some solid Reikis.

'Nearly dropping with tiredness.

'Luv & xxx'

Posting this blog now, I am remembering a lovely young woman in the party at Jacob's Well, who presented me with a heart-shaped grey stone as I was leaving, as a souvenir of the area. I still have it among my treasures, and smile at the recollections whenever I see it.

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