Saturday, November 8, 2008

Workshop at Ventana del Soul

On April 17th (2006) I emailed Andrew:

Dearest A

Here is my latest gig report:

Last night I presented a writing workshop at a place called Ventana del Soul. Several of the people who turned up for it were in their twenties, there was one young, shy girl in her teens (a definite Indigo child, rather similar to X in energy though not so brash and wild), and a few somewhat older women.

Thom was in charge - well I was, but he was hosting it. And the three lovely young men who run the café that sends bagels to the homeless were there too. Some of the youngsters were poets I heard at the Hideout, that very energetic venue I enjoyed so much.

Well, we had great fun! This was not an occasion for The Dress; I turned up in a cherry red Forrest Fest t-shirt received from Connie since coming here ... not that it would have mattered what I wore. Thom had told me to trot out lots of exercises, everything I knew. I didn't quite include everything in only 2 hours, but we did lots. It was joyous and deep and magickal and hilarious. People wrote all sorts of great stuff and were
thrilled with what they got. Raw material for lots of new poems! Many pieces were already poems. I incorporated some of the stuff I'd done the day before at Interplay, slightly altered for a writing context. Everyone hugged me goodbye and gave me lots of thanks. Some who couldn't get there till late because of work and things were very sorry after the event to have missed any of it.

A, who is the mother of the Indigo girl, thanked me for helping her daughter to express herself. The girl did have difficulty at first, but ended up sharing much of what she wrote (in the most beautiful, naturally husky voice).

I sold one book and got $6 in my tip jar. Just as well I am having such a ball! And being looked after in terms of food, transport and accommodation by generous hosts. When I exclaimed to Thom about people's generosity, he said, 'Well, you're our guest. And it's a measure of who you are. People like you.' He added that these will be friends for life; I already know that. He said he's met here the nicest, best people anywhere, and I can believe him (though I myself do know some pretty good ones at home too!).

Since leaving for Texas I have been able to be very much in the moment most of the time. It's interesting. I think that accounts for a lot of my success and the warm encounters.

This afternoon I am participating as her guest in a workshop Dorsey is running on Voice Dialogue. I think it will dovetail rather nicely with our Reiki II lessons which we finished yesterday.

And so the adventure continues. Thom reminds me there is still more to come! Though I am also starting to do the countdown to going home, being about at the halfway point right now.

Well, don't know how often I'll be able to do reports from now on; will do the best I can.

Time for breakfast now!

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